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Get crafty this Christmas

(December 01, 2016)

Get crafty this Christmas

Perfumed pin-cushions

Gone are the days when 'crafting' is seen as something old fashioned and something only 'older people do', producing naïve and poor quality items. Crafting has now been commonly re-branded as 'artisan'.

I have been a crafting-convert for a number of years and cannot recommend it highly enough. The pieces you create are only limited to our imagination and, to some extent, your budget!

One of my favourite pieces, which I made recently was for a friend who was relocating to another country and, although English and leaving for Scotland, I wanted him to have a reminder of his stay in Wales.

I have loved the framed pieces made using vintage playing cards (which you can commonly see on and Pinterest for example), and decided to make something similar using some vintage playing cards that I had bought from eBay. Typical crafter... bought them without having a project in mind and stored them in my crafting supply box (well, actually, a stack of vintage leather suitcases); dedicated crafters will understand this collecting compulsion!

The playing cards are mounted in a modern grey gloss frame from Ikea, spelling out the word 'Cartref' (which translates as 'Home' in English).

Framed 'Cartref', in vintage playing cards
'Cartref', in vintage playing cards

Framed 'Cartref', in vintage playing cards (detail)
'Cartref', in vintage playing cards (detail)

I was really pleased with how this piece turned out. It was simplistic, but this was the design I was trying to achieve as it was for a gentleman. I wanted something masculine and simple, not overcomplicated.

Another design idea I came up with recently was decorating plain notebooks (bought from Flying Tiger, Cardiff), with a red and green felt background and then adding a Christmas Elf (also from Flying Tiger) which has a cute little bell that rings when the notebook is moved.

Making these notebooks cost little more than £4.00, including: the cost of the plain black notebooks - £1.00 for 2; the felt sheets, which were bought in Poundland (for a pack of 10); and the Christmas Elf (pack of 4), bought from Flying Tiger for £2.99.

Christmas Elf notebookChristmas Elf notebook

They make good novelty gifts and you can be assured that no-one else will have notebooks like them!

Still on the notebook theme, I also bought some larger black notebooks (again from Flying Tiger) at £2.00 each and decorated them with a selection of Melin Tregwynt off-cuts, which I bought from a fellow crafter (see Ebay for similar).


Melin Tregwynt off-cuts Melin Tregwynt off-cuts
Melin Tregwynt off-cuts

These make beautiful additions to any home, feel lovely to the touch, and again, are something that no-one else will have.

Covered notebooksCovered diaries

Using Melin Tregwynt remnants again, I decided to make some small decorative items that can either be used as pin cushions, or sprayed with perfume (or essential oils). They can be dotted around your home or placed in wardrobes.

These were decorated with pieces of vintage Rhinestone jewellery and make lovely vintage inspired pieces for your home.

Decorative pin cushionsDecorative pin cushions

Get Crafty 7
Decorative pin cushions (detail)

Another simple gift idea is to purchase plain diaries and decorate them. The diaries I have used here were bought from a stationers. The plain design is deliberate as it lends itself to customization.

To make a chic and simple gift, I made some hearts out of remnants of Melin Tregwynt fabric and applied one of each to the front of the diaries.

I think they look lovely, and will ensure that the recipients will have something truly unique.

Claire Meredith, December 2016

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