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Upcycling home accessories: part II

(March 01, 2016)

Upcycling accessories for your home:
part II

Upcycled vintage nursing chairs

My fascination and use of chalk paint continues … and I wanted to show you some of the new projects I have undertaken since my last article on this subject (Upcycling home accessories: chalk paint, June 2015).

Breathing new life into something that has seen better days is at the heart of upcycling, and anything removing the need for furniture (that is still serviceable) going into landfill is always worth doing! The key to all of these projects is updating something you already have, or an old piece of furniture with little value, that you feel could benefit from upcycling.

Local vintage stores - e.g. the Cardiff Indoor Flea Market (CIFN); an excellent option and a place I have visited a number of times - – and Gumtree are excellent places to locate low-cost pieces. However, if you can upcycle something you already have, then all the better … and cheaper!.

An example of the unique, low-cost pieces available is this stunning original image of a boxer, from the CIFM, in a vintage gilt frame. Although perfect for chalk painting, I have decided to leave it as it is for the time being.

Vintage gilt-framed boxerUpcycled vintage gilt-framed boxer print

These large vintage gilt frames came from Gumtree and, after a good wash, I painted them with richly coloured (contrasting) chalk paint.

Have to say I am really pleased with the results.

Upcycled vintage gilt frames

Upcycled vintage gilt frame Upcycled vintage gilt frame
Upcycled vintage  gilt frame (detail)

These 19th century nursing chairs were bought via the internet. I began by painting them with Annie Sloane chalk paint (Autentico is also recommend – having used this personally), and then re-upholstered the chairs with a beautiful tapestry fabric (from John Lewis). Silver trim finishes them off.


Upcycled vintage nursing chairs
Upcycled vintage nursing chairs

I'm really pleased with how these turned out. Especially as this was my first attempt at re-upholstery!

Claire Meredith, March 2016

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