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Editors' Note / Nodyn Golygyddion

Editors' Note: Edition 1

(February 06, 2009)
Welcome to cylchgrawn Cymru Culture magazine.
For our first edition we have two fascinating interviews with artists who are really establishing themselves in Wales, working in entirely different mediums.
Our first interview is with wire-sculpturist John Fauvel-Binet whose stunning and intricate designs (made using recycled and salvaged copper wire from household and industrial appliances) are breathtaking in their intricacy and workmanship. John gives us an insight into his design inspirations, talking about how he originally became involved in wire work and his hopes and ambitions for the future.


  wire-sculpture, John Fauvel-Binet

Our second artist interview is with art glass designer Anne Collins who produces a wide range of art glass items, ranging from home accessories to sculptures for the garden! Anne's animated and engaging interview gives tremendous insight into why she began designing and creating in the medium of glass. She talks about her past and future exhibitions and the new directions she is pursuing.
   Anne Green Bracelet (close)
 art glass jewellery, Anne Collins

Wine merchant Richard Ballantyne has very kindly agreed to review a wine or group of wines each month. His first submission is a fascinating commentary on one of his wines called 'Leyendas Crianza' 2004 Ventura de Vega, in which he talks about the area in which the wine is produced, together with detailed commentary on the wine itself - a must for both experienced wine experts and those wishing to expand their wine knowledge. Ballantyne's Wines, based in Pontcanna, Cardiff, has been described as '… far and away the best wine merchant in Wales' (Which Wine Guide 2005), so we are in good company!


Ballantynes Image for Edition 1

Ballantyne's Wines' 'Leyendas Crianza' 

Noted stylist Wenda James Rowe (who has agreed to submit a monthly piece on current fashion and trends for the coming seasons) introduces us to her and her company, 'The Style Team'. She outlines why she's so passionate about fashion and personal presentation.


Wenda James Rowe

Our first celebrity interview is with the elegant and beautiful Andrea Benfield, newsreader and television presenter on ITV Wales, who talks us through her personal style and fashion influences.

Andrea Benfield - Hilton

Andrea Benfield

As Editor I have certain perks, and this month I have indulged myself by submitting a piece on my love of Whitefriars art glass. I have been an avid collector of this glass for many years. The article talks about the origins of the glassworks (and it's subsequent demise), coupled with images from my private collection.

Art Glass 3 Whitefriars glass collection

Claire Meredith
Dai Barnaby

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