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Editors' Note: Edition 10

(September 01, 2011)

Welcome to the tenth edition of cylchgrawn Cymru Culture magazine, in which all our regular contributors appear. We summarise this quarter's articles here. This, the previous quarter's articles and all interviews with artists and designers are now linked on the frontpage.

In this edition:

It's not every day a country opens a new National Museum of Art, but Wales did in July 2011. Michael Tooby, from Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, provides answers to the questions what? where? why? when? who? and more, about the recent changes to our national art collection

modern art gallery(image: © Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales)


Speaking of countries, Leanne Wood AC/AM discusses how that status was reaffirmed for Wales recently, why it matters, and those preferring to live in the past

Leanne Wood - Senedd


Vivienne Sharman-Lewis shares some of the glamour of the inaugral Miss Universe Wales

Miss Universe contestants


Modern Welsh polymath, Boyd Clack, shares his thoughts on his early years, his new band's gigs and the chances of a new series of High Hopes

Boyd Clack (Photo- Ben Hussain)(photo: Ben Hussain)


In Made in Wales, the first of a series on iconic Welsh products, we look at Halen Môn's rise and rise, to be among the world's top five gastronomic products

Halen Môn packs 100g


Robert Wade looks at music in advertising, how we recognise some of Verdi's greatest work whether we are aware he wrote it, or not



We showcase the beautiful, contemporary jewellery of Caregos Couture's new collection

silver necklace on bust


The Welsh staycation. Why Tenby? As if you have to ask …

Tenby Harbour


Young creative photographer Robyn Alexandra explains her conversion from fashion designer to fashion photographer

Robyn 1


Is baking the new black? The Head Chef at Tŵr Cymru Culture Towers, discusses the proliferation of baking programmes on TV and shares her recipe for almond, cherry and Bourbon tart

Almond, cherry and Bourbon tart


Chic party food ideas; The Head Chef at Tŵr Cymru Culture Towers also shares her recipe for smoked mackeral and horseradish pâté


Pâté on seeded bread


And, in Life, work, rugby, Dave Snowden shows why Wales are going to win the Rugby World Cup this year (or, if you're reading this after Wales were knocked out at the group stage, he explains why we didn't really stand a chance)


Crowd celebrating play in rugby stadium


Enjoy ...


Claire Meredith
Dai Barnaby



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