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Editors' Note: March 2012 edition

(March 01, 2012)

Welcome to the March 2012 edition of cylchgrawn Cymru Culture magazine. Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus - Happy St David's Day to all our readers, from us and from all our regular columnists.

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In this edition: Plaid Cymru leadership candidate, Leanne Wood discusses the importance of leadership, to Plaid Cymru and to Wales, and notes that as the case in favour of Welsh independence has yet to be heard, finding its support is low comes as no surprise.

Leanne Wood - Senedd

Jennifer Pearce assesses the first six months at the National Museum of Art's modern and contemporary galleries. Jen also chats with visitors to The Queen: Art and Image, the touring exhibition provided by the UK's National Portrait Gallery to promote the royal family.

March 2012 Amgueddfa Cymru

In another Welsh art story of international importance, Artes Mundi’s Chief Executive and Artistic Director, Ben Borthwick, introduces us to the artists chosen for the shortlist of the fifth Artes Mundi prize.

March 2012 - Artes Mundi - Miriam Bäckström The Opposite of Me Is I

In the first of three Welsh designer features, we interview bespoke leatherworker, Gaynor Davies Howell, and show examples of GDH Leatherwork's top quality products; the second has Welsh jewellery design house Caregos Couture, who show us highlights of their fabulous spring/summer 2012 collection; and last, but not least, Danielle Walden introduces designer retro T-shirt brand Damage Clothing.

March 2012 - GDH Red Belle Chain Choker 1 March 2012 - Damage Criw


Although we all know so many songs from the Broadway and Hollywood musicals - before the coming of Rock and Roll - they form only part of a vast body of work known as the Great American Songbook. Dan Curtis gives us some surprising insights into the 'Songbook', which he cherishes.

March 2012 Songbook One Show

In the latest of our 'Another Day in the life of Viv' series, Vivienne Sharman-Lewis looks forward to the 'Miss Universe Wales' competition 2012.

March 2012 - Viv Finalists at the Grosvenor

Head Chef at Tŵr Cymru Culture Towers, Claire Meredith, shares three of her recipes for this edition: two delicious vegetarian soups (cauliflower, roast onion and Welsh Cheddar; and roast butternut squash, garlic and sweet chilli) and a rich desert: tiramisu.


Cauliflower Soup 1 Butternut Squash Soup 2 Tiramisu 1


The wonderfully talented Boyd Clack has just released his latest album, Labourer of Love: available in Tesco and ASDA stores now, or online from Amazon - as a CD at £8.99, or mp3 at £5.99. We interviewed Boyd last September - fascinating reading. Read it here: Boyd Clack interview, September 2011.

Boyd Clack - Labourer of Love

Enjoy ...

Claire Meredith
Dai Barnaby


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