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Editors' Note: September 2013 edition

(September 01, 2013)

Welcome to the September 2013 edition of cylchgrawn Cymru Culture magazine

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Latest features

Leanne Wood AC AMBae watch; Leanne Wood AC/AM

Leanne looks at the
Ynys Môn by-election, recent local elections and the escalating situation in Syria

John Beynon - portraitYr athro John Beynon

Dr Neville Evans yn parhau ei gyfres gan edrych ar Gymro a gwyddonwr nodedig a'r datblygiad o sbectrometreg màs

John GingellJohn Gingell Award, 2013

Jennifer Pearce reviews the work of this year's winners, Toby Huddlestone and Alan Goulbourne, at the Cardiff gallery space - g39

Tenby Harbour Sept 2013
Tenby / Dinbych-y-pysgod

A tour around the beautiful Pembrokeshire seaside town and its best eateries,
with Claire Meredith

tgtw's Ynyshir showroomToo good to waste

Dafydd Trystan on the thriving valleys initiative, recycling household goods that are literally too good to waste

Miners Rescue by Les JohnsonNational Miners' Memorial

Memorial to the 1913 Senghenydd disaster and the many other tragedies of our mining heritage

Martyne Hillman - portraitGoing the extra style

What goes around comes around - Martyne Hillman looks at stylish vintage fashion

Salmon ramen
Salmon ramen

Head Chef at Tŵr Cymru Culture Towers shares a delicious and versatile recipe
(suitable for pesco-vegetarians)

TrueTaste AwardsGreat Taste awards 2013

Mark Adams looks at the Welsh winners of the Great Taste Awards and ... whither Wales the True Taste / Cymru y Gwir Flas?

John Beynon - portraitProfessor John Beynon, F.R.S.

Continuing his series Scientists of Wales, Dr Neville Evans looks at a crucial development in mass spectrometry

Boyd Clack (Photo- Ben Hussain)The snows of yesteryear

Boyd Clack, modern Welsh renaissence man, muses on the unknown

Merchant Seafarers War MemorialPublic art in Cardiff

Dic Mortimer shares his very personal view on recent monumental art in Cardiff. Cynical or realistic, depending on your point of view

Dorian Spencer DaviesInterview with
Dorian Spencer Davies

The colourful artist tells us how he developed his unique style and his love of the Welsh landscape

Broad Bean Pate 1

Broad bean, wasabi and crème fraîche pâté

Another delicious recipe from the Head Chef at Tŵr Cymru Culture Towers
(suitable for lacto-vegetarians)

The Old Chemist Inn, SaundersfootThe Old Chemist Inn, Saundersfoot

Review of the public house and restaurant in Pembrokeshire

Ruth Jones, gyda Lynda Davies a Shaun England (Rheolwr Cyffredinol)Rhy dda i'w gwastraffu

Dafydd Trystan yn siarad am fenter cymoedd llwyddiannus, sy'n deilio gyda nwyddau cartref hynny sy'n llythrennol toogoodtowaste

WNO U30 Group - credit David Massey
Welsh National Opera

Under 30? WNO has tickets for £5 to all its 13|14 season performances

House in Town Boutique, Pontyclun
erview with Rhian Evans

We talk with the owner of the Pontyclun fashion boutique, The House in Town

Bunch of Grapes, Pontypridd
Bunch of Grapes, Pontypridd

Review of the valleys gastropub

Enjoy/Mwynhewch ...

Claire Meredith
Dai Barnaby

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