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Boyd Clack; Suburban paranoia

(December 01, 2017)

Suburban paranoia

Boyd Clack (Photo- Ben Hussain)
Boyd Clack (photo - Ben Hussain) 

A while back I wrote about coming across some unused song lyrics from years ago... thirty or more years in fact... and I said despite me meaning it earnestly at the time how sweetly naive they now are in retrospect. The ardent nature of youthful anger!! Here's an example I found today. I still think it would make a good song for some snappy little punkish band.

Suburban Paranoia

Behind the double glazing on a middle class estate
Where the compact disc plays tastefully as the coffee percolates
Men and women mingle and deliver cruel digs
The milk of human kindness has gone sour in the fridge

Suburban paranoia keeps them awake at night
They imagine Black Marias. They imagine flashing lights
Suburban paranoia, it plays upon their nerves
It's the bitter recognition that is labelled 'His' and 'Hers'.

They sit and sip their sherries as they watch the evening news
They read The Mail and Telegraph, that's where they get their views
They're concerned about the darkies and the rising rate of crime
And communists and heroin. It plays upon their mind

Suburban paranoia has got them in its grip
They imagine their own murder and they make a meal of it
Suburban paranoia of lesbians and queers
It's the horror in the horoscope. It's the doll that cries real tears.

Suburban paranoia, install a burglar alarm
Join the local snoop squad. Help keep each other calm
Suburban paranoia. It's a pearl inside a shell
It's a self created prison. It is a private hell.

Suburban paranoia. Boys and girls' commuter play
The Christmas tree is rotting as the tinsel strips away
Suburban paranoia has got them in its grip
They need a lifeboat not a lawyer. They are on a sinking ship.

Boyd Clack, c. 1976

Ah, so long ago. But it's still pretty accurate isn't it?

Any band feel like putting music to it can do so.

Boyd Clack, December 2017

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Boyd Clack's album, Labourer of Love is available in Tesco and ASDA stores, or online from Amazon - as a CD at £8.99, or to download at £5.99.


Boyd Clack - Labourer of Love
Boyd Clack's album, Labourer of Love


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