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Easter/Spring Party Gift and Decoration Ideas

(March 31, 2010)
With a family birthday falling on the Easter weekend, what better idea than to use this as the theme for the party itself!
Spring colours are fresh and vibrant, from rich apples greens to vivid fuchsia's and teals, so there are lots of opportunities to be inspired.
Easter Eggs Misc

The first gift idea I came up with were wicker baskets filled with chocolate Easter eggs. Whilst these can easily be purchased from the High Street, I much prefer making items myself and it made each basket approximately £3-£4 cheaper than those available from High Street retailers.
The wicker baskets (with handles) were sourced from eBay (they were less than £10 for three medium sized baskets including p&p), which are filled (at the base of the basket to give height) with layers of plain tissue paper and then decorated, on the top, with shredded tissue paper in your chosen colour-scheme (fuchsia, teal and silver in my case).
The shredded tissue paper was from Paperchase, but is also available from most high-street stationers/card retailers
Paperchase Image
On top of the shredded tissue paper I placed a selection of hollow, foiled, chocolate eggs from M&S (similar eggs also available from other retailers).
  Easter Basket 1

Easter Basket 2

Not only do these baskets make great decorations, but they can also be given to guests as gifts, to take away and enjoy at their leisure (you'd be amazed how delighted guests young and old are when presented with these take-away gifts!).
Another decorative item I came up with for the party (plus a lovely take-away gift) was to use some of the large individual foiled eggs I bought from M&S, and place them in small flower-pots.
I bought four small terracotta pots from a garden centre (33 pence each). I then filled these pots with plain tissue paper, added a layer of shredded coloured tissue paper on the top and then placed a large egg into each flower pot. I then attached some teal ribbon around the flower pot and tied it in a bow at the front.
Another simple, and cheap (the cost of each Easter-flower pot being £2.00 per pot), gift for guests to take away with them.
  Easter Flower Pots

Another gift idea is to use mini-pails (buckets), often used for wedding favours.
I sourced these from eBay. They equate to approximately 90p each (£6.99 for ten plus p&p). As before, I fill the bottom of the pails with plain tissue paper (to add height), then decorate the top with the same coloured,  shredded tissue paper that was used to make the wicker Easter baskets.
On top of the shredded tissue I placed a selection of individually foiled chocolate eggs (these were sourced from M&S, but are available from other retailers).

Easter Bucket
Mini-pails - filled with foiled, chocolate eggs

An alternative to the foiled eggs could  be to use Cadbury mini-eggs. A large bag of them currently retails for £3.99 in Tesco (also available from other retailers).
To give added interest to some medium sized chocolate foiled eggs, I bought some organza bags in fuchsia and teal (traditionally used for wedding favours containing Italian chocolates or confetti) and placed an individual egg in each one.
The organza bags were sourced from eBay and were £2.99 for ten plus 50p p&p. This meant that with each medium egg equating to approximately 30p each, plus each bag, the total cost of each gift is 50p - very reasonable, I believe, for something with looks so impressive and chic.
Also, once the eggs have been consumed they make lovely little bag's in which to put keepsakes, jewellery or other small and treasured items.
Easter Eggs in Bags 2
Easter Eggs in Bags 1
Medium sized foiled chocolate eggs in organza bags
Another idea is to use wedding favour boxes, in which to display a small handful of Cadbury mini-eggs/foiled eggs.
I purchased some wedding favour boxes (with fuchsia ribbon detail) from Confetti - a well known wedding supplier with a huge range of favours in different colours, shapes and sizes.
These handy, bite-size gifts are always popular with guests as they get to keep the lovely little boxes once the chocolates have been consumed.
Easter Boxes 1
Easter Favour Boxes 2
Individual boxes containing a selection of foiled chocolate eggs

For all the guests attending the party, I decided to give them a large Easter egg each, however the various different colours of the boxes in which the eggs are packaged, clashed with the colour-scheme I had wanted for the party.
To overcome this I purchased from eBay (£2.99 for 5 metres plus p&p) some pink and clear striped cellophane in which to wrap the Easter eggs.  Finished off with curled string and individual gift tags, it turns something ordinary into something really special.
  Pink Cellophane
Claire Meredith, March 2010

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