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Caregos Couture, Shades of Grey collection

(September 01, 2011)

Shades of Grey

This collection from Caregos Couture is one of our favourites. Using different hues of greys, pewters and blacks, it achieves a chic and understated look that works equally well for day and evening.

The range encompasses pieces that are small and delicate - allowing great movement, by using solid silver chains and small, faceted crystals - to large statement pieces made using antique solid silver chokers and necklaces.

The collection focuses heavily on Swarovski pearls, which have a wonderful pearlescence and feel, mixed together with Swarovski faceted bicones and rounds. This is one of Caregous Couture's strongest and enduring collections.


Shades of Grey 1

This piece is made using antique solid silver chains and Swarovski crystals. The deliberate asymetrical design of this piece makes it truly unique, falling differently each time it is worn (Shades of Grey multi chain elaborate choker; Caregos Couture, £170).

Shades of Grey 2

This choker is made using solid silver chains and a selection of Swarovski pearls and crystals. The central feature of this design is a Swarovski pendant called Avente Garde (Shades of Grey Swarovski crystal choker; Caregos Couture, £145).


Shades of Grey 3

This statement choker is made using antique solid silver chain with the central feature being a Swarovski pendant (Swarovski crystal 39mm Galactic 'Shadow Silver' necklace; Caregos Couture, £100).


Shades of Grey 4

The simplicity of this design is one of it's strongest design elements. A symmetrical choker made using solid silver wire, using Swarovski crystals and pearls and a central pendant made by Swarovski (Swarovski crystal 40mm Avant Garde 'Shadow Silver' necklace; Caregos Couture £125).


Shades of Grey 5

This is a lovely and feminine design which is perfect for wearing during the day. We've used a delicate solid silver chain on which a large Swarovski pendant is suspended. Using solid silver trace chains we have suspended further Swarovski crystals pendants for added interest and movement (Swarovski Shadow Silver Galactic pendant; Caregos Couture, £65).


Shades 11One of the statement pieces of the Shades of grey collection


Shades of Grey 6Swarovski pearl and crystal, and antique rhinestone statement necklace (detail)


This statement choker is made using silver plated wire, antique rhinestone necklaces, Swarovski pearls and crystals and an antique rhinestone brooch. The dramatic style of the choker is achieved by intertwining the respective elements within each other. The central feature of the piece is a complete, antique rhinestone necklace, circa 1950s ( Swarovski pearl and crystal, and antique rhinestone statement necklace; Caregos Couture, £400).

Shades of Grey 7Detail of some of the antique rhinestone necklaces used in the design


Shades of Grey 10Detail of the antique rhinestone brooch used in the piece


Caregos Couture jewellery is available at

We hope you enjoy the collection.

Claire Meredith, September 2011

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