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Bring the Damage couture

(March 01, 2012)

Damage Clothing


March 2012 - Damage SS2012

At Cymru Culture, we love to feature the work of talented fashion designers and were delighted to hear about the work of Danielle Walden of 'Damage Clothing'. Encapsulating individuality and bringing really fresh designs and embellishments to retro T-shirts, her designs are very strong and bring something new to fashion which work the current trend of vintage/retro but in new and exciting directions.

March 2012 - Damage Sweattiude GwynSweattitude, Damage Clothing - Image: Cardiffoto, model: Amy Williams

Here, Danielle tells us in her own words about her brand, why she started designing and her hopes for the future.

" Bring the Damage is "for those who let their clothes do the shouting and thrive on the satisfaction that comes with answering the question “OMFG, where did you get that?!” with “It’s a one-off”! "

It can be hard to dress to express when everyone else is trying just as hard as you are to be creative, we can inevitably all wind up looking the same.

March 2012 - Damage CasgluDamage Clothing S/S 2012 - Image: Cardiffoto, models: (from left) Sarah Kate Crews, Joey Lee Caron and Danielle Damage

For those who tire of the new “vintage”, the urban outfit and the mainstream quirky, for the badass mothers who want to drape their fabulous figures in 100% throat punching originality.

Bring the Damage Image 1 Bring the Damage Image 2 Bring the Damage Image 3


When we began in the autumn 2011, we sourced the rarest, most expressive t-shirts, and used our expert knowledge of cut, drape and design to tailor and update garments to perfectly suit your ever changing bags of style.

We now collaborate with some of the most exciting, dynamic clothing and youth brands, national stockists and events companies to bring you now only our much loved original one-off's but also our new and expanding range of 100% exclusive DMG designs.

 March 2012 - Damage Navo  March 2012 - Damage Dynion

 Navo, Damage Clothing - Images: Cardiffoto, models: (from left) with Joey Lee Caron, Danielle Damage, George Grigg and Tudor Barber 

With our Couture Basics range you don’t even next to wait until the next time you hit the club to use our statement pieces, you can have the attitude and kick of a DMG look every day of your week with an impressive range of colours and our endless collection of styles and fits – you can quite literally find your perfect piece every time.

Bring the Damage Image 4


Damage is not elitist; we want our infinitely versatile products to make everyone look and feel awesome and we feel you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune. We offer our fantastic quality and affordable garments with completely free postage to the UK, to provide an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience which you’ll be craving over and over!

Bring the Damage Image 5Don't Say Goodbye, Damage Clothing, Model: Hannah Gascoyne

Trust us, our pieces will put some major bass in your walk, so wherever you are and whatever you’re doing; you’ll be ready to cause some serious Damage!

Bring the Damage Image 6



DMG xx "


Make up: 
Clayton Reid


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