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Requiem, Boyd Clack

(June 01, 2013)


Boyd Clack (Photo- Ben Hussain)Boyd Clack (photo - Ben Hussain)


And so the pagan hag has died
Church bells are rung from far and wide
For the nurse who watched as her patients bled
The mother of a thousand dead
And now the news is celebrated
By all the people that she hated
In the land she devastated.
In the wastelands she created

And those whose lives she had destroyed
Threw parties and were overjoyed
At the passing of this evil bride
The mother who watched as her children cried
While in the castles of her ilk
Where men and women dress in silk
And champagne is drunk instead of milk
Tears are shed and flowers wilt.

The saviour of our land is dead
She who slashed the serpent’s head
And held it up for all to see,
She who set her people free
The news hangs heavy in the air
The birds don’t sing, the stones despair
The clocks tick slowly everywhere
For she who was beyond compare.


Boyd Clack



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Boyd's new website is

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Boyd Clack - Labourer of LoveBoyd Clack's latest album, Labourer of Love


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