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Leanne Wood, Bae watch (March 2016)

(March 01, 2016)

Bae Watch; with Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood

There’s a little over two months to go before people in Wales go to the polls for our national election.

The Labour Party has been in power on its own or in coalition for the first 17 years of devolution. That's not healthy in any democracy and what’s more it has failed miserably to deliver the improvements people expected and deserve.

Last week, we set out our nine priorities or solutions in health, education and the economy.

May's Assembly election should be a referendum on the future of the NHS, as well as a choice for people as to who should form the next government.

All parties have put their cards on the table in terms of the NHS.

We need only look at the growing waiting lists, the declining morale of staff and the lack of doctors and nurses to see what we can expect if we get more of Labour. More of the same with people in pain languishing on waiting lists.

More services removed from communities and taken further away from those who need them. A complacent party content with passing the buck while it manages decline. Not good enough. Why continue to put up with mediocre government?

Consider the consequences if the Tories got their hands on the Welsh NHS: Junior doctors have been on strike in England and unfair contracts are being imposed on them from above and, of course, the service being broken up and in some cases sold off to the private sector.

The story of the NHS with the two old parties is that our NHS is run down under Labour and broken up under the Tories.

People shouldn’t forget either that the mask is slipping from UKIP's real plan for our NHS. This is a party that has flirted with the idea of charging the sick to visit their GP.

This is a party whose leader still believes we should abolish the NHS and have an American-style private insurance system.

Plaid Cymru has a plan to save and secure our NHS.

  • Within a decade, we will deliver free social care, starting with those needing care at home and those with dementia.

  • We will reverse the NHS recruitment crises, cutting waiting times by recruiting and training an additional 1000 doctors and 5000 nurses. Tens of thousands of patients are waiting more than 36 weeks for treatment – often in pain – and that is unacceptable. Labour has failed to meet its own targets for treatment.

  • Our National Cancer commitment will deliver the all clear or a diagnosis within 28 days, because people are waiting for too long.

Of course, the key to Wales’ prosperity is building strong economic foundations.

The Party of Wales wants to ease the business rates burden on firms in Wales. This would mean 70,000 small and medium businesses wouldn’t pay a penny while another 13,000 would receive rates relief. We want more Welsh businesses to benefit from public sector contracts.

And Plaid Cymru believes we need to create a new Welsh Development Agency fit for the 21st century to boost exports and attract investment.

Our third key area in our nine point plan for change is education.

Plaid Cymru proposes to reward the best teachers and teaching assistants with a premium on their pay when they reach a higher level of professional training. Staff are crucial if we are to get the best out of our young people, so they can fulfil their potential and contribute to a flourishing nation.

Under a Plaid Cymru government there will also be free universal pre-school care for children from the age of three so they get the best start in life. And Plaid Cymru will pay off £18,000 worth of debt for graduates who work in Wales while also creating a comprehensive plan to create 50,000 apprenticeship places.

All of our proposals have been fully costed. We will publish the full independently verified details for everyone to see when we publish our manifesto.

Plaid Cymru is determined to be the change Wales needs. The priorities of the people in Wales are our priorities. This is no pipe-dream. We can begin to turn the tide under a Plaid Cymru government.

Leanne Wood,
Leader of Plaid Cymru and South Wales Central AM, December 2015

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